What is PHILM?

PHILM is a student driven filmclub in house B on campus Luleå. We show everything from current movies to movies you did not even knew existed. With our brand new movie projector and Dolby DTS surround sounds, we give Luleå University of Technology a small pinch of culture. 

Do you also like movies? Then maybe you should join Philm! We recruit new members at the start of each semester. 

Do you want to know more? Visit our website or our Facebook.

What does PHILM do?

PHILM has since 1981 arranged a movie night every Sunday in B192 (campus Luleå). There, as a student, you can watch a movie with cinematic quality after buying a PHILM membership card for a cheap price. There is also a small kiosk where you can buy snacks. If you want to see the movie schedule, check out our website.

Contact us

Do you have questions about Philm, or want to join our association? Contact us! You can also visit our website or our Facebook.

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