Accept the challenge - Get involved in Teknologkåren! 

The nomination period for the union board, management team, faculty board representatives and more for the year 2022/2023 will open in early 2022. Check out our website and social media accounts for more information about the nomination period, and when to nominate yourself or someone you know. 

There are some positions still available for the year 2021/2022. Down below you will find a list over all position that are available as of right now. You can also find a short description about each position here. 

Open for application

• Event Supervisor (PH) 
• Web Master (WM) 
• House Master (HM) 
• Teknologkårens Nomination Committee 
• Vice Moderator (for the Union Council) 
• Secretary (for the Union Council) 
• Internal Auditor 
• One substitute member of The Board of the Faculty of Science and Technology 
• One substitute member of the Employment Board
• One substitute member of the Disciplinary Committee

Nominate yourself or someone you know