The management team

 We are the management team of 2023/2024!

We work to help you during your study time. By influencing in the areas of education, student life and the labor market, we create possibilities and make your everyday much more fun! 

The management team has their office in Studenternas Hus, across from Teknikens Hus at campus Luleå. Here you can find us Monday to Friday, between 09:00 and 16:00. You can also reach us via phone or email, contact information can be seen below. 

The Presidium

Teknologkårens presidium has the overall responsibility for the organization and the communication. 

The President of Teknologkåren (KS) is responsible for Teknologkårens daily work. Most of the work that KO does is long term, with changes that are usually a few years ahead. The work is rather broad and KO has the overall control over most things. 

The Vice President of Teknologkåren (VO), together with KO, leads the central organization. VO is in charge of Teknologkårens asset management and has the overall control of all contracts signed by Teknologkåren. VO also handles all questions regarding Teknologkårens budget.

Erik Welltén
President of Teknologkåren
070-686 25 88
Hampus Gustavsson
Vice President of Teknologkåren
070-686 25 89
The Unit of Educational Affairs

The Unit of Educational Affairs is responsible for educational monitoring and the educational development, which means that the Unit of Educational Affairs are the ones to make sure your education is fair and of high quality. 

The Head of educational affairs (UO) is responsible for the Unit of Educational Affairs, which includes about 300 committed students. The divisions educational monitors (UBS) helps UO with the educational monitoring and the programme advisory representatives helps UO with the development for their respective educations. 

UO is also a member in most of the bodies at Luleå University of Technology, such as the Board of the Faculty of Science and Technology, where UO makes our students' voices heard to help improve our educations.

Erik Lindström
Head of educational affairs
070-686 25 83
The Unit of Social Affairs

The Unit of Social Affairs makes sure that you have a fun and healthy study time. They are responsible for everything between arranging events to the study environment. 

The Head of Social Affairs (SO) is responsible for Teknologkårens social events, the divisions premises and is also part of the strategic development of the student life at Luleå University of Technology. SO is also the project manager of Nolleperioden, together with Luleå Studentkår. 

The Head of Social Welfare and Equality (HSSO) make sure that the study environment on campus follows standard. This includes both the physical and mental environment. HSSO is a student representative towards the university in many of the big student environment issues and is therefore a member in both the Working Environment Committee and the Working Environment Group at Luleå University of Technology.

Tobias Enquist
Head of social affairs
070-686 25 87
Joel Wigroth
Head of social welfare and equality
073-153 35 57
The Unit of Corporate Affairs

The Unit of Corporate Affairs handles Teknologkårens corporate issues. 

As students at a university we have quite a few things in common, like for example the goal of getting into the working life as quickly as possible. Teknologkåren works to give you the opportunity to develop your network: Everyone shall have the possibility to establish contact with the labor market. A great way to increase your network of contacts is via our work fair LARV (Luleå ARbetsmarknadsVecka) that we arrange the third week of January. We also arrange a lot of other corporate events where you can further broaden your network. The students that engage in Teknologkårens business activities have a great insight with the companies that are of interest for future employment. Students at Luleå University of Technology are highly appreciated in the labor market, and will remain that way.

The Head of Corporate Affairs (AO) coordinates the work in The Unit of Corporate Affairs by pushing the strategic development of corporate contacts and events at Luleå University of Technology. AO is out marketing the university and their technology students to increase the students' contact with the labor market. AO arranges lectures, inspirational evenings, events in preparation for your thesis, and so much more.

The Project Manager of LARV (PL) is responsible for the coordination of the work fair LARV. PL arranges a weeks worth of activities and a huge work fair together with a project group of non-profit students. 

Beck Löfstedt Östlin
Project manager LARV
070-686 25 84
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Gustav Jakula/Beck Löfstedt Östling
Head of corporate affairs
070 686 25 84, 072-232 70 09
The Unit of Information and Marketing

The Unit of Information and Marketing handles Teknologkårens internal and external communication. The unit is responsible for all of Teknologkårens information media, like our screens, website, social media accounts, as well as mailing lists and domains. 

The Head of Information and Marketing (IO) is responsible for communicating Teknologkårens organization and brand to all technology students at Luleå University of Technology. To succeed, IO is responsible for all the distribution of information and marketing that Teknologkåren does. By reaching as many students as possible, IO shall create an increased awareness of Teknologkårens purpose. Besides the external marketing IO also works internally to help improve the communication systems and routines, to help minimize duplication within the organization. 

Gustav Jakula
Head of information and marketing
072-232 70 09