Education monitoring

We make sure that your education keeps a high standard

Since we are a union, we are responsible for the educational monitoring towards the university. This means that we constantly keep an eye on all the educations that belongs to us, and make sure they keep their high quality. A part of this work is done through the report system, where you as a student can create a case when you feel like something is not correct regarding your education. 

You as a student has quite a few rights and obligations - and we make sure that Luleå University of Technology keeps their promises so that you get as good of a study time as possible. 

Is something wrong with your education? Or do you have questions about the syllabus? 

Then you can use the student unions report system

Whether it is about the exam not being corrected in time, if you have thoughts regarding your student rights or if there is a clash of schedules, we will do our best to help find a solution. You always have to choice to be anonymous, and it is committed students that will help you. 

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Contact ut 

Do you have questions, opinions or other thoughts? Do not hesitate to contact us. 

Questions regarding education

If you have questions regarding education or student rights you can turn to our head of educational affairs, or to

Erik Lindström
Head of educational affairs
070-686 25 83
Questions regarding study environment

If you have questions regarding the study environment on campus, you can turn to our Head of social welfare and equality. It can be both physical and mental matters. You can also report it to

If you feel like you need someone to talk to, you can contact StudentKompis who is an anonymous chat. 

Joel Wigroth
Head of social welfare and equality
073-153 35 57