The administrative office

The administrative office

The administrative office is usually one of the first places you come in contact with. Here you can purchase everything from memberships, to overalls and hats. Here you will also find Teknologkårens own housing brokers, Studentbostadsservice

You can find the administrative office and Studentbostadsservice in Studenternas Hus, across from Teknikens Hus at campus Luleå.

Open hours

Mondays 12:00-15:00
Tuesdays 12:00-15:00
Wednesdays CLOSED
Thursdays 12:00-15:00
Fridays 12:00-14:00


Exceptional opening hours: 

The office and Student housing service has closed Friday 21 June.


The office closes for the summer 21 June to 28 July.

We wish you a nice summer! 

Corps membership for Autumn term 2024 can be purchased from 1 July at Hitract

Follow this link:


Contact the administrative office or Studentbostadsservice
Susanne Brandebo
0920-944 44 (menyval 2)
Therese Östling
Head of the Administrative Office
0920-944 44 (menyval 3 & 4)
Buying a membership

At the administrative office you can buy a membership in Teknologkåren. The membership prices you can find below. A membership is also available for purchase via the link down below. There you can also buy a membership if you are studying at one of our other campuses (Skellefteå or Kiruna), or if you are a distance student. 

There are many benefits of getting a 6-year membership as a new student. As a member of the union you get lots of discounts during your study time. The students that support Teknologkåren during their entire study time are the students that will be the most rewarded.

Purchase or renew your membership

Students in Luleå

  • 6-year membership: 1100 SEK
  • 4-year membership: 700 SEK
  • 1-year membership: 300 SEK
  • 1-year membership for PhD-students: 150 SEK

Students in Skellefteå, Kiruna or distance students

  • 6-year membership: 500 SEK
  • 4-year membership: 350 SEK
  • 1-year membership: 180 SEK

Price list

To be able to get your hat before the Academic Ceremony or Av4ningen, you need to put your order in no later than October 1th that year.

Since we don't have the capacity to always keep everything in stock, there is a chance we need to order a product for you. Note that the ordered product will be held for you for 1 year from the day that we contact you to pick up your product.

Hat (with tassel & pin)

  • Member: 705 SEK
  • Not a member: 950 SEK

Pin (for hat)

  • Member: 40 SEK
  • Not a member: 80 SEK

Tassel (for hat)

  • Member: 195 SEK
  • Not a member: 260 SEK


  • Member: 525 SEK
  • Not a member: 700 SEK

Patches for overalls

  • Member: 20 SEK
  • Not a member: 40 SEK


  • Member: 500 SEK
  • Not a member: 700 SEK


See pictures

You can order a ring whenever you want, but do note that we have predetermined dates when we will put the next order in (see below). Also note that if you have studied one of the following you need your diploma to be able to pick up the ring: 

  • Fire Protection Engineer
  • Any of the Civil Engineer programmes
  • Any Bachelor programmes

When ordering, we will require an advance payment of 15% of the total price. The prices varies depending on whether or not you have been a union member during your study time, and also what kind of ring you want to order. If more than 10 years has passed since you graduated, you will automatically count as "not a member" and get the non member-price. Please contact the receptionist to find out your specific price. The price of gold changes from week to week, so exact price of your ring cannot be determined far in advance.

To put in an order, contact the receptionist with the following information: 

  • Name
  • Date of birth (yyyy-mm-dd)
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Ring size (millimeters in diameter)
  • Engraving (maximum of 19 characters, in capital letters)
  • Is the ring going to be picked up at the administrative office, or sent somewhere?
    • If the ring is going to be sent somewhere a shipping fee of 480 SEK will be added. We also need to know what address the ring shall be sent to.
  • What type of ring?
    • Fire Protection Engineer
    • Civil Engineer
    • Bachelor Programme
    • Philosophical PhD
    • Technical PhD

When ordering you will receive a confirmation email from the receptionist, with information regarding the advance payment and also a preliminary delivery date. NOTE that a submitted order is binding. When ordering you are responsible for ensuring that the size and engraving are correct. 

Next order will be sent in 1:st September 2024 Contact us before this date for your ring to be included in the order. 

Mail the order to