Why become a member of Teknologkåren?

Teknologkåren is there for you as a student



Membership in Teknologkåren

Teknologkåren works to make life easier for the students at Luleå University of Technology. Besides supporting our daily work to make the student life better, you as a member get benefits such as cheaper entrance to STUK and reduced cost at MittLivsStil. You can become a member by downloading the Hitract app on your phone and searching up Teknologkåren there.

It is optional to become a member in Teknologkåren since July 1th 2010 when the Swedish government decided to abolish the mandatory union membership. As a union we receive financial support from the government and from Luleå University of Technology. However, this support is not enough for us to be able to run our business. That is why we need your support in form of a membership in Teknologkåren. Your membership contributes both money to the organization, and also a voice towards the university as we become more and more people behind the student organization that holds the greatest influence vis-à-vis the Faculty of Technology at Luleå University of Technology. 

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Membership fees

There are many benefits of getting a 6-year membership as a new student. As a member of the union you get lots of discounts during your study time. The students that support Teknologkåren during their entire study time are the students that will be the most rewarded.

Students in Luleå

  • 6-year membership: 1100 SEK
  • 4-year membership: 700 SEK
  • 1-year membership: 300 SEK
  • 1-year membership for PhD-students: 150 SEK

Students in Skellefteå, Kiruna or distance students

  • 6-year membership: 500 SEK
  • 4-year membership: 350 SEK
  • 1-year membership: 180 SEK