Teacher of the Year

Every year we hand out Teknologkårens award for Teacher of the Year. The prize is awarded for praiseworthy teaching efforts, commitment to the students and pedagogical expertise. The award is instituted to motivate the teachers to engage in the students education and in the end help improve the quality of education at the university. 

A jury decides who shall receive the award. The jury consists of the divisions educational monitors, the head of educational affairs and two people chosen by the union council. The jury is not allowed to nominate teachers for the award. 

If you would like to nominate a teacher, laboratory supervisor or some other staff member at Luleå University of Technology you can do that via the form below when the nomination period has begun. Note that you have to be a member of Teknologkåren to nominate. 

Read more about the nomination process in Teknologkårens reglemente under the paragraph §3.6 "Reglemente för fond för pris till bästa lärare". Note that the document is in Swedish.